Types of Substance Abuse Treatment, Don’t Wait to Get Help in St. Paul

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Mental Health

Using street drugs, even once, can get you addicted and most people wish that they could get away from drugs and live a healthier lifestyle. With substance abuse treatment, you will become abstinent and will learn how to stay that way, ensuring that you can live a long and substance abuse treatment in St Paul residents have manyoptions available to them, so the next step is to determine which treatments may be most suitable for you.

Counseling (Group or Individual)

Individual counseling may not seem like the best choice in the beginning, but if you’re serious about quitting, you’ll learn how to reduce and stop your drug use, as well as learn skills that can help you cope with your addiction. You’ll create a recovery plan and get the tools needed to stick to it, but you’ll also be able to learn more social and family skills. Group counseling is also an effective substance abuse treatment because you can talk to others who are also suffering. St. Paul residents with families can also have group sessions with family members so that they understand addiction better and can support you.


Many rehabs now focus on outpatient options because they realize that most people can’t take off work for months on end to seek care. You can find various time schedules to fit your needs and can still work and enjoy family time.

Care Management

Once you’ve stopped using drugs and have completed 12 weeks of therapy, you will likely go on a care management plan where you continue with what you’ve learned and get counseling as necessary.

Substance abuse treatment isn’t a quick-acting focus, as it can take years to learn your triggers and what to do about them. Visit Options Family & Behavior Services, Inc. in St. Paul to learn more.

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