Treatment Injections From a Back Pain Management Center in Jacksonville

Physicians with a coastal spine and pain management facility provide a broad range of treatments to help their patients feel much better and improve their quality of life. Injected substances can reduce pain remarkably, for example. Dietary and other lifestyle changes, adjustments to posture and gradual increases in physical activity also help.

Corticosteroid Medication

Some patients do not experience effective results with certain kinds of treatment, while others enjoy substantial improvement. An example is an injection of corticosteroid medication to decrease inflammation. Steroids can seem like a temporary miracle cure for many men and women, allowing them to delay thinking about back surgery or avoid the idea altogether. Unfortunately, others are disappointed when the injections do not lead to enough improvement.

Branch and Facet Blocks

Branch blocks and facet blocks involve injections of both a steroid and an anesthetic into the spinal column. A facet block is sent inside the joint, whereas a medial branch block is placed outside the joint close to a specific nerve. The anesthetic provides immediate short-term relief and the steroid begins working within a week. Medial branch blocks can have positive effects lasting up to two years.

Platelet-Rich Plasma

Medical doctors at a coastal spine and pain center may also provide injected platelet-rich plasma. This therapy is familiar to many because some professional athletes have used it. The person’s own blood is drawn and platelets are then concentrated to a high level. The plasma is injected at the area needing healing. This works for some injuries because of the growth factors in PRP that stimulate tissue regeneration.

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