Treat Radiation Burns With A Foaming Cleanser

by | Mar 4, 2013 | Health

When you find out you have cancer, it suddenly seems like time stops. Your world comes to a screeching halt as you struggle to understand the disease that is wreaking havoc on your body and threatening your life. In most cases, the doctor will recommend a treatment plan that includes radiation. While this is highly effective to fight the cancer and rid you body of harmful cancer cells, it can also cause painful side effects. The effected area may become red and inflamed. You could develop radiation dermatitis or even significant burns. To combat these side effects, you will need a gentle foaming cleanser designed specifically for cancer patients following radiation.

It’s vital to keep your skin clean following radiation. With a weakened immune system, you cannot afford to let germs linger on your skin and you will need to wash it thoroughly on a regular basis. However, this seems like torture when you have painful skin or severe burns. The best option is a foaming cleanser that is easy to apply and doesn’t require any harsh scrubbing. A foaming cleanser is light weight and effectively cleanses your skin without causing further damage or irritation.

As you apply the foaming cleanser, make sure you avoid rubbing the skin. Instead, try to spread the cleanser by gently patting the effected area. Then rinse it gently with warm water. It is best to avoid any kind of direct contact on the area while it is healing. Minimize how much you touch the skin by using the foam as a thick buffer between your fingertips and the burns.

As you look for a foaming cleanser, try to find a product that contains Therosol. After years of studies and clinical trials, doctors discovered that Therosol was a key ingredient in skin care products for radiation patients. It helps the skin to heal quickly and also reduces inflammation and redness. Therosol is also helpful for relieving pain, which is common with radiation dermatitis or burns.

For the best results, try a three-step process when you care for your skin after radiation. Begin by gently washing the area with a foaming cleanser. After your skin is rinsed, carefully pat it dry. Remember to avoid rubbing the area as this could cause more irritation and pain. Next, apply a soothing serum to ease your pain and cool the areas where you have burning. Last, use a hydrating cream that will moisturize the area. Most of the time, radiation causes the skin to become very dry. The result is cracking and bleeding areas that can easily become infected. You can avoid this by using a deep moisturizer three times daily. Always apply the moisturizer immediately after a radiation treatment to avoid painful skin problems.

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