Top 5 Devotional Topics For Men’s Ministry Leaders

by | Aug 28, 2017 | Religion

Leading a men’s ministry requires a deeper understanding of what men of different ages and backgrounds are going through, what topics matter to them, and what Biblical wisdom applies best in their situations. The issues that most men need to hear in a Christian life group include those that relate to work, family, God, and personal development. Here is a list of five devotional topics for men’s ministry leaders to discuss in their Christian life groups.

1. Leadership. A Christian life group offers all men the opportunity to build self-confidence and discover God’s purpose for them. All men have the potential to become effective leaders in their community. By following the path of Christ, Christian men can become exemplary leaders who can inspire and uplift others in whatever field they are drawn to. A Christian men’s group ministry leader can empower other men by teaching leadership skills and embodying good leadership too.

2. Love. Christ is love. However, the norms of masculinity often preclude men from being able to express love. A men’s ministry leader can help men express and receive love by applying Biblical principles to their own lives.

3. Addiction. Men struggling with addiction can find social support and spiritual solace in a Christian life group.

4. Work. Men struggle with lack of meaning in their work, or being stuck in unrewarding careers. Other men might be dealing with unemployment and feelings of depression. A Christian life group can help men find meaning in their work or a life path that is fulfilling.

5. Forgiveness. A Christian life group helps members incorporate the gospel into their own lives. A men’s ministry group leader can show members how they can apply Biblical principles to cultivate the beauty of forgiveness in their own lives.

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