Tips from Washington, DC Home Interior Decorators on the Use of Color

by | Nov 14, 2019 | Interior Designer

One of the most significant differences between a do-it-yourself home decorating project and one completed by professional home interior decorators in the Washington DC area is the durability of the design and the style.

Professional home interior decorators focus on choices of all elements in the room that are not just stylish and distinctive for the space, but that also have a classic and timeless look that stays in style for years to come. One of the ways these professionals create timeless and classic looks is by carefully choosing the colors, patterns, and accent pieces in the room or throughout the entire home.

Stay Neutral on Walls and Floors

Classic colors can be neutral colors, or they can be calming and serene colors that are ideal to pair with a wide variety of woods, materials, fabrics, and colors.

Neutral colors used by home interior decorators are far from drab or dull, and they can range from grays and creams or ivories through to white or beige or even taupe colors. These colors pair with vibrant upholstery and window treatments, artwork, furniture, or design features, as well as with accent rugs.

Neutral colors are also used to create space in smaller rooms or to make larger rooms look airy and light. They are truly timeless colors that can easily match with any changes in furniture.

Classic Colors

For more drama or intensity on the walls, a variety of blues, reds, greens, and yellows can also be used, and they look elegant in Washington DC homes. These can range from antique colors that create a distinctive, classic and elegant look to a more playful and whimsical space when paired with unique room design elements.

Professional home interior decorators have the ability to add the right color, trim, flooring, furniture, and even décor accents in any room to highlight not just the functional aspects of the room but also the color and charm.

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