Tips For Selecting A Refurbished Burdick EKG Machine

by | Jun 6, 2016 | Medical Equipment

The cost of equipment is always a major line item in any hospital or healthcare facility. While there is the option of buying new, there is also the choice to purchase a quality refurbished machine or piece of medical equipment.

To replace an existing failing EKG machine or to add another unit, choosing a refurbished Burdick EKG machine is an excellent option to add quality equipment while also saving on the cost.

When choosing a refurbished Burdick EKG machine, there are some general factors to keep in mind. It is critical to do your research on both the Burdick EKG in consideration, but also to carefully consider the seller and their reputation. Newer models and more advanced models can often be found at a lower price than less advanced new models, giving you the option to upgrade and still stay in the budget.

Type of Machine

There are many different refurbished Burdick EKG machine options available. These range from advanced types of models to very basic systems that are easy to use without any need for advanced training on the systems.

Most of the machines offer Glasgow interpretive software and to also have the option for wireless communication or direct connection through an ethernet port. Differences in the number of leads on the equipment, or options for multiple lead combinations on one machine needs to be considered based on the specific requirements of the healthcare facility.

Some of the models of the Burdick EKG machines offer full color displays while others are designed to provide EMR connectivity and limit the display options. All will provide a range of different reports and allow the operator to quickly and easily move through functions and options through function buttons on the panel of the machine.

Warranty and Options

The top companies offering any refurbished Burdick EKG machine will also extend a warranty. A top supplier will offer both parts and labor with the warranty, and they can range between one and three years depending on the specific machine.

There are also companies offering a variety of additional perks for customers. Free shipping, free EKG paper or even an extended warranty may all be options offered through the best companies.

When buying any refurbished equipment shopping online through websites specializing in ultrasound and cardiology equipment is the best option. Verify all repairs are completed in-house and by Certified Bio-Medical Service Technicians to ensure all repairs are done correctly and to the manufacturer’s OEM specifications.

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