Things To Avoid When Choosing A Car Servicing Company

by | Oct 26, 2015 | Autos

When a vehicle has covered a certain number of miles, it will need to be serviced. A car service will involve a mechanic taking a look at the main components and performing some system checks to ensure it is functioning properly, safely and fuel efficiently. Hiring someone for the job isn’t as easy as calling the first number that comes up in the phone book though because unless you work with a trusted company, an inexperienced mechanic might damage existing components and put your safety at risk. Steer clear of scary auto ordeals by avoiding the following signs of a lame mechanic.

Poor Communication Skills

Mechanics have been known to rip some customers off by telling them that they need all four tyres replacing, for example, when only one is actually in need of changing. This doesn’t mean that every auto mechanic will try to get more money out of you though. Pay attention to the mechanic’s communication skills and if he or she is able to show you where the problem lies, how the team intend on fixing it and where new parts will be sourced from, you can feel a bit more confident that they aren’t making a sneaky buck or  two with unnecessary work.

Failure to Prove Affiliations

When a car servicing company is trusted and reputable, they will happily demonstrate this by displaying an AAA Approved Auto Repair (AAR) sign or something similar outside their workshop. Look out for affiliations of this kind on their website too and ask about qualifications. A motor mechanic working and living in Australia will have completed at least 18 months of self-paced training and one year (or more) of workplace training before signing a contract with a car service company, so avoid working with mechanics who are reluctant to prove this experience.

Skipping the Reputation Check

Just because the auto servicing company hires a team of qualified mechanics, this doesn’t mean you can overlook the reputation of the firm. Crooked businesses usually don’t have a live website and will be discrete about what previous customers had to say. In fact, a lot of untrustworthy businesses will post fake reviews online to attract new customers! By using a site Iike AngiesList, you can breathe a sigh of relief as you browse a list of certified car servicing specialists and read honest reviews about the company’s reputation.

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