The Tough Part About Straight Teeth

Over and under bites can leave something to be desired about the quality of ones teeth. Those who suffer from the condition often feel as though there is no way to achieve the appearance of what society considers the desired smile. Some have crooked teeth or gaps. All how have alignment issues should choose a quality and trusted orthodontist to make the process of fixing the issue as easy as possible.

Afraid Of Metal?

Braces can often leave teenagers feeling insecure about their smile. The effect is even worse with adults as braces are not considered age appropriate. Few think of the need for adult braces as they are almost never seen. It’s the stigma of having them which has caused this.


For those who wish to receive the same result as traditional braces, Insivalign is often a good option; however, some dental alignment issues are too severe. Those cases require regular braces. Lippitiz smiles offers quality results for those who choose this method of treatment. Braces by a Northbrook orthodontist has a quality team that can be trusted.

Invisalign For Teens

Teens often try to refuse braces from the fear of standing out. Invisalign for teens is unique in that it can be taken out like a retainer for those young users who may not wish to keep them in all day and night. Braces Northbrook has no better option to it than choosing Lippitz Orthodontics.

In Certain Cases

While most dental issues that have to do with alignment are easy to treat with braces or Invisalign, a higher degree of service may be needed on some people. Every dentist at either the Chicago, Evanston or Northbrook offers is well qualified to recommend the appropriate option. In a very rare amount of cases, oral surgery is needed. If so many have chosen Lippitz Orthodontics, it’s a dental office to trust.

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