The Signs You Need Air Duct Cleaning in Union County, NJ

by | Jun 20, 2017 | HVAC Contractor

Your air conditioning system works by taking in air from inside your house, cooling it, and then redistributing it. To make sure that you are not damaging your air conditioning unit or spreading allergens, the intake vent has a filter over it. The filter catches dust and allergens that might be in your house. A filter cannot catch every single particle of dust, however, so over time, dust can build up in your air ducts. That’s even more pronounced if you allow your air filter to get dirty without replacing it. If you haven’t cleaned your air ducts in a while, you could be overdue for an air duct cleaning.

Cleaning the Ducts

The first sign that you need a cleaning is the calendar. You should look on the calendar to see the last time you had an air duct cleaning in Union County, NJ. If you’ve never had it cleaned or if it’s been a long time, you need to call a professional soon. The professionals will be able to clean your air ducts, replace your air filter, and teach you some maintenance techniques.

If you need more advice on when to clean your air ducts, visit us at the website. You can get in touch with a talented specialist who will be able to service your air conditioner.

Replacing the Filter

Replacing your air filter when you’re supposed to is very important after an air duct cleaning. You need to make sure that you are following the advice of the professionals you hired as well as the recommendations on the air filter itself. Different filters will need to be replaced at different intervals, ranging from once a month to once every few years. It depends on what type of filter you buy and the amount of dust in your house. A professional can give you personalized advice.

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