The Signs That You Need Heat Pump Service in Morgan Hill, CA

A heat pump is a type of HVAC unit that can be used for heating or cooling. For heating, they are about three to four times more efficient than an electric resistance heater. An electric resistance heater passes electricity through a coil; the resistance to the electricity causes excess energy to be released as heat. In a heat pump system, the air is compressed to heat it and expanded to cool it. Heat pump service will address any problems that you might be experiencing.

Heat Pump Operations

When you are running your heat pump in cooling mode, it will take the warm outside air and compress it. The compression causes it to heat up. Then it will move into the evaporator where it expands rapidly. That causes it to cool rapidly. The cool air is then blown into your house. In heating mode, it does the opposite. It takes the cool air and compresses it. The compressed air heats up; then it is blown into the house. If you’re not getting preferred temperatures, you need heat pump service in Morgan Hill, CA.

If you visit ascoair.com, you’ll be able to find experts who will address potential problems with your heat pump. The problems are often problems with the compressor because that is the most complex moving part.

Compressor Problems

One of the reasons heat pumps are so popular is because they have fewer moving parts than many types of air conditioning and heating units. They also don’t rely on burning fuel. That makes them more efficient than many types of natural gas or oil furnaces. There are even heat pumps that work based on the heat of the ground or water instead of air. They need heat pump service even less often because of the thermal stability of water and earth compared to the air.

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