The Role of Construction Safety Manager

A construction safety manager monitors the construction sites and makes sure that all required and legal rules and regulations are being met. Following is a brief overview of the job requirements and responsibilities.


A construction safety manager specializes in safety project management for work sites. A bachelor’s degree is required to break into the field. The degree is usually in occupational health or a similar field, but that is not a requirement. Certification is not required either, but can get you through the door a lot quicker than without one.

The Board of Certified Safety Professionals gives certification to the safety managers. They require at least three years of on the job experience before applying for their program. Other organizations may have a different set of application rules, so you must do some research to confirm the programs you are able to apply to.


Construction safety managers are typically see in the field, working in construction sites. While some do work behind a desk, the majority of the work day is spent going from site to site. While working, the manager will run inspections and conduct safety audits. The audits ensure that the work sites are non-hazardous and are following earlier protocols that were put in place.

Managers also evaluate construction projects before they are to begin. They go over blueprints, materials used and all processes associated with the project. They must know the codes for the specific sites and ensure they are following all government regulations and OSHA requirements. From there, they will lay out a safety plan and an emergency plan should anything go wrong.

The managers are responsible for scheduling the training and may even be required to lead the sessions. They are expected to contact any agencies to gain the correct information to give to the construction company.

If you need safety project management at your job, contact Code Red Safety.

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