The Right Thread-Forming Machine Screw is Used with Various Materials

by | Dec 7, 2023 | Business

If you aren’t sure what a thread-forming machine screw is, you’re not alone. In short, this is a screw that is considered a type of self-tapping screw. It forms its own threads into any material it is being fastened to, and it doesn’t require a tapping operation or produce chips. Thread-forming screws have a trilobular shape, and they displace the material found around the screw and harden it, which in turn creates a joint that is both secure and extremely strong. Even better, these screws are very versatile and can be used with materials such as metal, plastic, and even wood.

When You Expect the Very Best

You want and need to use the very best screws because your entire project can fall apart if you don’t. In addition to using thread-forming screws with various materials, you can also use them in many different types of holes, including extruded, punched, cored, or drilled holes. Researching any type of thread-forming screw for machine use is easy because the manufacturers who make and sell these screws have excellent websites that can provide the information you need.

The Advantages of Thread-Forming Screws

The right thread-forming machine screw has certain advantages over standard screws. These include the fact that they have a self-locking effect because they form their own threads and they can save you money because they use no nuts or tapping operations, as well as no adhesives, locking elements, or locking washers. And because time equals money in business, this is a very important perk.

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