The Reasons Metal Photo Prints Are So Popular In Connecticut

by | May 3, 2016 | Photography

If you live in Connecticut, or if you are working as a professional photographer in the state, you know just how rustic and outdoorsy this part of the United States can be. People here love to have their own special and unique design elements to their homes, and metal photo prints are a new trend that is certainly making a big splash.

As a photographer, pairing with a photo lab that offers metal or actually aluminum photo prints is a great way to be able to add another print option for your customers. By printing on metal, there is a naturally crisp and clear look to the image, which is only enhanced through the use of a professional quality lab. Lower quality labs may offer the prints, but you won’t see the same high-quality end product that you customers will absolutely love.

The Advantage of Metal

Many people choosing metal photo prints over traditional paper or canvas photo printing options want to have a truly durable way to display their favorite images from a wedding, a birthday party, an anniversary or even just an admired print by their favorite photographer.

Photographers specializing in outdoor and natural shots will appreciate the option to have their photographs printed on metal, providing a great backing option that can be used to display the work both inside and out.

With metal, there is no concern about exposure to water. Aluminum doesn’t rust, and the processing or printing of the photo onto the surface is designed to be very long lasting and not flake, peel or crack from the surface.

Options to Consider

To further protect your image, and to help maintain the vibrant and crisp colors and lines that are so typical of metal photo prints, consider adding a UV spray coat to the final product. This acts like a sealer to help to eliminate the effects of the damaging UV rays of the sun.

With this coat in place the colors will last even longer, and the print on metal can retain its natural beauty and dazzle even when on display outdoors, on a sun porch, or elsewhere in an outdoor living space.

These prints can be sized to meet your needs as the photographer, or to meet the specific requirement of your customers. Talk to your photo lab and find out if they offer metal prints, they are a stunning option to be able to market your photographs or to offer your customers in Connecticut.

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