The Need For A Top Tractor When Farming In Washington

On a small hobby farm or a large farming operation in Lynden, Washington, having the right tractor is going to make short work of what can be very big jobs. Finding the right combination of price, features and size is going to be critical for each farming operation, and taking a new look at what each brand and model offers will make a difference.

In this part of the world, tractors and other types of agricultural equipment are going to be used continually through the spring through autumn months, and on many operations throughout the entire year. Getting the right equipment that can stand up to all operating conditions is going to be essential, but there are lots of other factors to consider as well.

Primary Use

On smaller and larger farms the tractor is really the workhorse of the equipment. It will be used for mowing, seeding, soil preparation, pulling the fertilizer spreader, bailer, swather and perhaps even the hay wagon. It may also double as a winter snowplow, a loader and to have on hand when needed for any other task around the place.

For larger operations, it is more common to have several different tractors that will be used with specific equipment. This is also true when there may be a need for a smaller tractor for yard work and other maintenance types of repairs and then a larger machine for working out in the field.


The single biggest issue when choosing this or any other type of motorized farm equipment is in the horsepower rating. Always ensure you have the power you need for the demands you want to place on the equipment. This will not only extend the life of the equipment, but it will also help to reduce the costs of repairs or the very real concern of downtime during critical seeding and harvest periods.

By far the most common type of fuel used for farm equipment is diesel. This is a good option that offers a relatively low maintenance engine with great torque and excellent power.


Depending on the size of the tractor used in Lynden, Washington and what specifically will be required, different features may be important. New lines have very well appointed cabs that are perfect for year-round operator comfort, something essential for heavy use types of applications.

Other features to look for can include auto-steering and GPS functions, PTO (power take off) systems, on-board computers and even telematics, which allows the computer on the tractor to connect to other devices for diagnostics and remote monitoring of the systems.

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