The Most Reliable and Affordable Aluminum Plate Suppliers for Any Needs

Howard Metals is one of the biggest aluminum distributors and suppliers in areas around the Midwest. They acknowledge that they associate themselves with top-notch production of bar products and Aluminum in the market. They supplement by adding a magnificent chain of sawing machines capable of sawing the stiffest tolerances. Their continuous contribution to equipment with an art state, top-notch skilled personnel, fixed purchasing standards makes it the best choice for your aluminum supplies.

Your Choice of Aluminum Supplier

Whenever you require your aluminum parts to reach specific standards and expectations, Howard Precision Metals is your best choice for rigid tolerance cutting. It is not by accident but from over 83 years of operating as a distributor for quality metal supply and sawing. They can handle the most complex custom extrusion. They are on top of the list in aluminum plate suppliers or aluminum extrusion suppliers.

Products and Services at Howard

They offer a wide range of products, namely:

  • Aluminum Plate for molding
  • Aluminum Bars for extrusion- Round, Square, Flat
  • Aluminum Tool for Casting and Jig Plate for Listing –Alca 5
  • [Wrought] Plate of Aluminum -2024, 7050,7075,6061 Aluminum plates

Their services include:

They cut your orders using the best available tools for high- quality work.

Aluminum Precision sawing services.

Howard performs continuous research to offer its customers the best products and services for more decades to come. The company has the potential to venture into other services like hydraulics and bar stock distribution. Financial stability has enabled Howard to be driven without restrictions in the metal distribution industry(aluminum plate suppliers). Massive growth is expected for Howard.

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