The Miracle of Orthopedic Implant Technology

Not long ago, if you had major problems with your knees, hips or other body joints, you had few options. You could try physical therapy and pain relieving medications, but for so many people, it meant living a life of impaired mobility. Today, things have changed for so many, thanks to miraculous products from orthopedic implant manufacturers. Let’s check out some of the amazing things this technology has given us.


Something as simple as a screw might not seem like a miracle. You can go to any hardware supplier and purchase a number of different screws. They are very handy but this is not the kind of screws that orthopedic implant manufacturers create. They make screws from metals like titanium which can hold shattered bones together, to aid the process of healing and restore function to damaged limbs. Let’s look at an example.

A year ago, Julie was walking along her sidewalk on an icy winter afternoon when her feet went out from under her. The 68-year-old woman landed hard on the ice, shattering the radius bone in her left arm. Her orthopedic surgeon was very skilled and experience with these matters and was able to reconnect the break with titanium screws and a special brace. This material was implanted directly into the bone. Today Julie has full use of her arm, thanks to modern medical technology.

Prosthetic Joints

Artificial arms and legs have been around for centuries. Early ones were crude but were effective for restoring partial mobility. However, little could be done to replace important joints like knees and hips. Thanks to the efforts of orthopedic implant manufacturers total hip replacement is possible and this helps the patient get up and walk again. In addition, broken or defective hip bones can cause a person a lifetime of pain and pain is usually relieved after the implant procedure.

Imagine what life would be like if you had to live each day in pain. Now also imagine, not being able to walk and enjoy some of the simplest pleasures in life. Today’s orthopedic implant manufacturers understand the needs of so many people who suffer with disabling conditions. It could be from arthritis, auto accidents or a number of misfortunate events. In fact, modern science is developing artificial spinal disks to help people who must endure terrible pain, find relief and enjoy life again. The possibilities for the future are unlimited.

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