The Importance Of Choosing Experienced RF Sealing Companies

There are several different ways to join plastics. Traditionally, glue has been used as with other forms of fastening, but this does create a potential weak point in product design, particularly in bags, carrying cases or other types of similar items.

The Process Overview

A more effective and long-lasting way to join plastic is through the use of RF sealing, which may also be called radio frequency (RF) welding or even high-frequency sealing or welding. The process may also be known as dielectric sealing.

The process is very simple but setting up the equipment is a complex process. In the RF sealing process, specialized cylinders are used to create a force on the surface of the two plastic materials. At the same time, radio frequency is applied that creates only a specific area of the plastic under pressure to melt a fuse together, creating a seal that is stronger and more durable than either plastic.

Selecting a Company

Choosing the correct RF sealing companies for the job is critical. Incorrectly designing the process or inaccurate settings on the equipment can limit the effectiveness of the process, resulting in seam failures over time and with use.

There are several important considerations when comparing RF sealing companies for any size or type of project. By considering these factors with any companies, it will be easy to find the most qualified manufacturer for your order.

Experience – it is impossible to overstate the importance of actual project experience when it comes to RF sealing. Companies should have several years of providing this service and a proven track record of satisfied customers. ISO 9001 companies also have a quality control process in place that will be critical for most orders.

Equipment and Capacity – not all RF sealing companies have the capacity to complete large orders or to take on more complex orders. Specialized types of products like medical class drainage and fluid bags for all applications need to manufactured using the latest in state-of-the-art equipment combined with extensive experience.

Take the time to review the additional services the companies can provide. These additional services can offer significant value and reduce logistics issues during production.

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