The Differences In Public, Private, And Hybrid Cloud Computing Service Providers

It is not uncommon for the larger cloud computing service providers to offer public, private, and hybrid clouds. Many of these providers also focus on specialized types of cloud environments for industries, including those with compliance and security requirements that exceed that of other businesses.

Choosing between the various cloud computing service providers starts with understanding the right cloud for your business. As there are features, security, and cost issues to compare with the different cloud options, choosing the one that is best for your business is the first step.

Public Cloud

The public cloud is similar to a shared server. There are multiple tenants to the cloud, each with their own separate environment and control options and features. This is an ideal option for most businesses, as it allows for access to the public without the need for advanced types of security protocols for access.

The cloud is managed by the provider. The provider also manages and maintains all hardware, networking, and applications through the data centers.

Private Cloud

As the name implies, a private cloud has one tenant. The services and data in the cloud are only accessible to that business. The business or organization manages the cloud and typically also owns the server. The private cloud allows for compliance with any regulations and protocols and is highly scalable, secure, and efficient.

Hybrid Cloud

Not all cloud computing service providers offer hybrid clouds, but they are a combination of the features of a private and public cloud. They offer more secure storage than a public cloud while also offering access to services running on the cloud that are required for businesses.

Hybrid clouds are more complex, but they combine the features needed for many companies. This is ideal when both easy access, as well as secure storage or restricted use for the business of specific services and data is a critical consideration.

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