The Dangers of Trying to Repair a Garage Door on Your Own

by | Dec 31, 2015 | Business

Your garage door is making unusual noises and seems to be having trouble lifting and lowering properly, so you think that it might be time to make some repairs. You type the symptoms into your favorite search engine and self-diagnose the problem. Despite all the do-it-yourself videos and instructions you read, however, you should reconsider before you decide to repair your garage door. There are several significant dangers of trying to perform garage door repair in Westchester, NY on your own.

Loaded Springs Bouncing Back

A high-tension spring located at the top of your garage door is an essential part of the mechanism that lifts and lowers your door. Although it may seem easy enough to replace this spring, doing so is actually very dangerous. This is because the springs are tightly wound and very heavy. They can easily spring back on those who try to replace them without professional training and can cause serious injury. If you suspect that your garage door needs a new spring, it would be wise to call a professional to come and change your spring for you. This will save you time, since you can be sure that the crewmembers will install the spring correctly. It will also save you the risk of injury.

Disassembly Going Wrong

Some garage door repairs might require a major disassembly of the garage door, such as repairing a bent track, broken rollers, or one of the panels of the door. While it may seem straightforward to disassemble the pieces, that might not be the case. Disassembly may require special tools that you do not have. Putting the pieces back together again is another story. If you managed to get all the pieces disassembled, there is no guarantee that you will be able to correctly reassemble the garage door. Incorrect reassembly can cause issues in the mechanics of your garage door. A professional, who understands the entire mechanism of the door, will be able to help you resolve any disassembly or reassembly problems.

Difficulty in Finding Correct Parts

Hardware stores may have some basic tools and supplies for repairing garage doors, but there is a danger that you will not be able to find the parts that you need. This is because different types of garage doors require different parts, as they operate differently. For example, some garage doors use torsion springs, while others use extension springs.

In addition to the difficulty in finding the parts, there is also difficulty in replacing them, since the tools that garage repair requires are often complicated to use. If you have no mechanical training and have never worked with garage doors, you should probably not try to buy parts and fix the door yourself. Calling a professional garage door repair service will ensure that you have the correct parts and that your garage door will continue to work for years to come.

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