The Benefits of Custom Aluminum Radiators in Michigan

by | Mar 8, 2017 | Automotive

Millions of vehicle owners argue back and forth regarding whether or not they should consider aluminum radiators. However, none of them can deny the product’s benefits and advantages. The facts regarding custom aluminum radiators clearly indicate that the products are a fantastic choice for certain drivers, so you should take the time to learn about them before making your own choice. No matter if you drive a simple car or a highly advanced sports vehicle, you should know the key differences of aluminum radiators versus traditional options.


Due to the fact that custom aluminum radiators in Michigan are created with a metal stronger than copper-brass, they last longer and require fewer tubes to complete the job. Although they may have a slightly reduced heat transfer capability compared to copper-brass, the construction of Michigan custom aluminum radiators corrects the issue. They are created as one solid piece, allowing for uniform heat transfer and a lower chance of an eventual leak.

Wider tubes also provide fins for better contact and heat transfer, effectively making up for the lower capability. Finally, the core is thinner, allowing for improved airflow. Furthermore, they weigh less, which is better for the engine as a whole. No matter how you look at it, aluminum is more effective in the long run.


Compared to copper-brass, custom aluminum radiators also have a reduced chance of corrosion due to the natural properties of aluminum. Additionally, a protective oxide layer makes the radiators highly resistance to corrosion as well as slightly self repairing. Most modern vehicles are designed for aluminum parts, reducing the risk of galvanic corrosion extensively.

In short, you not only enjoy a stronger, lighter option with aluminum, but you also enjoy them for many years without the risk of losing them to corrosion or other problems associated with copper-brass. Over time, experts believe aluminum radiators should completely replace copper-brass.

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