The Advantage of Going to Car Dealers, Visit One near Wheeling

by | Jul 4, 2018 | Auto Repair Shop

Whether you want something new or pre-owned, car dealers are the best source because they have a large inventory and can help you save money. Residents in Wheeling may want to consider a dealership rather than a private seller. For one, you can’t purchase a new car from a private owner because once it’s driven off the dealership’s lot, it’s no longer new. Even if you want a used vehicle, it makes sense to go to a dealership because they have a variety of other perks available.

Better Selection

A private seller only has one vehicle available to purchase. You have to search in all the local ads to find what you want, and even then, it may have already been sold or may not be reliable. Dealerships have thousands of cars on site, just ready to be bought. You can also check online to see if they have a website; you can research online and go in to test the ones you like.

No Warranty/Inspection

Purchasing a used vehicle from a private seller is risky. The vehicle doesn’t come with a warranty, and they aren’t going to offer to fix any issues or allow you to buy an extended warranty.

Along with such, they can claim anything they want, such as there have never been any accidents and that everything works fine. However, the moment you pay for the vehicle and drive away, any problems are yours to deal with appropriately.


Most people want newer cars, which means they need a dealership. They offer to finance so that you only have to pay a small down payment and make the rest of the payments over time.

Car dealers are essential when you’re looking for a new vehicle or want something reliable. Visit Arlington Heights Ford near Wheeling at for more information. Follow us on twitter.

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