The ABC’s Of Cosmetic Dentistry In Enumclaw, WA

Thanks to cosmetic dentistry in Enumclaw, WA, now more than ever, you don’t have to persevere the abnormalities in your oral space. The field ensures that interested and qualified dentists are adequately trained to correct teeth abnormalities and improve your smile. Before deciding on undergoing any of the cosmetic dentistry procedures, it’s essential to know some of the procedures that may be recommended.

Teeth whitening

Your teeth may begin to stain or discolor over time. Fortunately, teeth whitening utilizes bleaching agents to whiten teeth and get rid of stubborn stains. You will have the option of heading into the dental clinic for in-office teeth whitening or the use of over-the-counter treatments.


If your teeth have huge gaps or are cracked, stained, or chipped, you could benefit from bonding. Bonding materials restore teeth to avoid further deterioration and wearing out.

Dental crowns

Also generally described as tooth caps, they cover damaged teeth to restore normal appearance and shape. If you have broken, weak, chipped, deformed teeth or a large filling, you stand a chance to benefit from dental crowns.

Braces and aligners

Today, anyone, regardless of age, can benefit from braces and aligners. These tools help in straightening crooked and overcrowded teeth. They are also popular for correcting bites and jaw re-positioning.

If you feel you need to utilize the innovations in cosmetic dentistry in Enumclaw, WA, visit Buckley Dental Care now to book an appointment with our lead dentist.

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