Visit the Dental Hygienist in San Antonio for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Not too many people look forward to a dental visit. In fact, many people put off regular dental cleanings and exams and only visit the dentist as a last resort when they’re in terrible pain and need immediate relief. Though dental visits may never be enjoyable, visiting the Dental Hygienist in San Antonio regularly for cleanings can prevent most of the painful, emergency visits to the dentist. Plaque and tartar do most of the damage to teeth and gums. Though daily dental care at home does remove some plaque, it doesn’t remove all of it, and home dental care cannot remove tartar. Tartar removal requires a special scaling tool used at a dental office. Most dentists recommend their patients receive a professional dental cleaning twice a year. This helps to keep the mouth clean and healthy and prevents severe dental problems from progressing to a dangerous or painful level.

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  • Fidel Barnhart