Some Types Of Waste To Dispose Of In A Waste Dumpster

by | May 23, 2024 | Waste Management

Waste management refers to the collection and disposal of waste products. Waste management companies have been created to address the waste disposal issues facing modern society. They dictate the type of material a waste dumpster in Asheville NC and elsewhere in the United States is allowed to contain.

What Can a Waste Dumpster Contain?

Waste is a very loose term. It can refer to anything that is discarded or unwanted. Among the types of waste that may find its way into a dumpster are the following:

  • Appliances: This category includes everything from small toasters to large refrigerators and freezers.
  • E-waste: The term is applied to electronic waste. This consists of but is not limited to
    • Batteries – sometimes categorized as recyclable
    • Cell phones
    • Computers
    • Keyboards
    • Monitors
    • Printers
    • TVs
  • Food Waste: Food waste is not all recyclables. Much of it is compostable, but not all of it can be treated accordingly.
  • Hazardous Waste: This category consists of a variety of substances dangerous to public health and/or the environment. This type of waste requires special disposal. It may be dumped into a dumpster, but it should not be.
  • Recyclables: This is material that can be recycled – put to another use or reused. Among the most common recyclable materials are:
    • Bottles
    • Cans/Tins
    • Cardboard
    • Paper
    • Plastic – Rigid

Waste Management

Waste management requires dumpsters. What exactly goes into a waste dumpster varies. Before you rent a dumpster, clarify what is acceptable and what is not.

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