Some Services Offered by Medical Clinics in Maui

by | Jun 28, 2017 | Healthcare

It used to be the case that people who were facing injuries or illnesses only had two real choices: they could schedule an appointment with their doctors, or they could head to the emergency room. There is, however, an entire range of medical issues that require immediate care but do not constitute true emergencies. Today there is a third option: patients can attend Medical Clinics in Maui that can provide immediate care when their primary physicians are not available. Below are just a few of the services patients can now access at Maui’s medical clinics, even if they are not from Hawaii.

Medication Refills

Most local patients get their prescriptions from primary care doctors. Visitors who need prescription refills typically don’t have that luxury, though. That’s why some medical clinics are equipped to provide same day service and dispense some particularly common medications in-house. Some even work in conjunction with local pharmacies to provide delivery of prescription medications.

Hormone Therapy

Issues like low testosterone, PMS, and menopause all require hormonal treatments, along with a wide variety of other conditions. Patients can find access to the hormone therapy they need at select Medical Clinics in Maui.

Select Immunizations

Most immunizations, including flu shots, tetanus boosters, pneumonia shots, and Gardasil, are available at local clinics. Of course, the best solution is always for patients to stay up to date with their immunizations. Those who require immunizations or booster shots but haven’t made advanced plans to get them, or don’t have a local doctor, can seek help at a clinic.

Workers Compensation

Not all clinics are authorized to accept Hawaii Worker’s Compensation claims, so it’s best to do a little bit of research prior to choosing who to see for medical care after a workplace injury. Hawaii locals who either do not have a primary care physician, or whose primary doctor is not equipped to provide care after a workplace injury may want to turn to a clinic that can.

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