Smell Your Best and Improve Your Health in Eugene, Oregon

by | May 9, 2022 | Shopping

Smelling a pleasant fragrance can do a number of things for you mentally and emotionally. However, some artificially-derived fragrances that smell great are harmful for overall wellness. Manufactured perfumes can cause side effects including dizziness and headaches.

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between smelling great and your health. Companies like All Natural Perfumery specialize in ingredients that smell great without the adverse side effects. Whether you have allergies or simply prefer a holistic approach, founder Abigail Houston is one of the best aromatherapists in Eugene, OR residents can count on.

Chances are, you already have some of the ingredients lying around. With the right instruction, you can properly cultivate your talents for the world to enjoy. Her books even provide “smell alike” recipes that come extremely close to your favorite commercial brand scents. Best of all, they only use holistic ingredients that are great for your well-being.

Houston also teaches clients how to create their signature scent. This is especially beneficial for people looking to create sustainable scented home products. Her perfumery volumes teach you about fragrance families and the art of scent construction. Using these books, you can do everything from making holistic presents, host parties, and even create a small business.

Don’t wait a moment longer to smell good in a healthy way. Using the volumes from All Natural Perfumery, you can be among Abigail Houston and the myriad of talented aromatherapists in Eugene, OR has to offer. For more inquiries, visit their website at today.

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