Signs You Might Need Pest Control

You want to feel safe in your own home, not just from outside invaders, but from pest invaders as well. A pest invasion may not be immediately obvious if you don’t know what to look for. You may also not think you have an invasion if you just see one or two bugs or rodents, but one or two could be the start of something more dangerous, so here are some signs it’s time to call an Elk Grove pest control service.

  1. Structural damage
    A big indicator you could have a serious pest problem is if you see any damage in any structural parts of your home. Rodents and termites chew on the wooden beams and structural supports in your home, which could mean spending thousands of dollars to fix the problem. If you see any bites or wear and tear that shouldn’t be there, it’s time to call a pest service.
  2. Pest sighting
    This may seem obvious, but seeing a rodent or a single bug in your house may not seem like a problem that needs an exterminator, but one could turn into several. If you consistently see the same kind of bug in your house, or you see a rodent, you’ll want to seek professional help before the problem becomes worse, or so you can find out where the pests are living to get the problem taken care of.
  3. Urine or droppings
    Finding urine or defecation can be annoying, and you don’t want it to continue. A pest company can help you get rid of your pests, and the hassle of cleaning up after the pests in your house. Pest defecation can also carry bacteria that can be dangerous for your family.

You might think you don’t have a pest problem, but any of these signs can point to the need for professional help. If you’re in Elk Grove and are looking for pest control services, Apex Pest Control can help you find out which of their services is right for you.

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