Signs It’s Time For Tree Removal in Bronx, NY

by | May 18, 2017 | Tree Services

Well-placed trees play a valuable role in any landscape. They attract beneficial insects and birds, provide shade for residents and guests, help to block the wind, and create a habitat for wildlife. Unfortunately, while many trees can outlive the people who have planted them with proper care, they can’t live forever. It’s very challenging to predict exactly how long any given tree will live, but there are almost always early warning signs that appear when a tree is nearing the end of its lifespan. Keep an eye out for the signs below, and call a tree service for tree removal in Bronx NY as soon as possible after they have begun to occur.

Signs of Illness

Not everyone realizes that trees get sick, just like human beings. The causes of disease in trees vary based on the species. Some species are particularly susceptible to fungal infections, while others may be more likely to experience infestations of moths or insects. Either way, it’s a good idea to periodically check any trees on the property for general health. Warning signs of poor health include unexplained open wounds, vertical cracks in the trunk, patches of missing bark, leaf discoloration, and mushrooms growing near the base of the trunk.

Danger to People or Structures

Any tree that is growing into the line of power lines or other important man-made infrastructure will likely need to be removed. Similarly, if there are large, low hanging branches that obstruct either foot traffic or vehicular traffic the tree can be seen as posing a danger to human life and will likely need to be at least substantially cut back, if not cut down. Large trees growing too close to houses or other structures can also pose a serious risk, not just from overhanging branches, but also from often quick-growing roots.

Any homeowners that are concerned about the health or safety of a tree on their properties should contact a qualified tree service for tree removal in Bronx NY. Attempting to cut down a tree without adequate safety gear and experience is a recipe for disaster. Visit us online to find out more about tree removal, pruning, and other services.

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