Should You Rent or Buy Your Portable Toilets?

by | Sep 23, 2016 | Waste Management

Many contractors in Southern Texas work out of doors and there are not usually public bathrooms available for the crew. As a result, you’ll need to provide portable facilities for your job sites. However, there are two major choices. You can purchase your own units or you may want to consider portable toilet rentals in Wharton. Here is a look at both of these options to help you make an informed decision.

Sometimes Overlooked

In the construction business there are so many logistic issues to consider and it can sometimes overshadow issues like portable facilities. However, in order to keep up with regulations you may need to submit plans for your toilet facilities in advance and they must be in compliance. In addition, you should have enough units to satisfy the needs of your crew.

Renting or Purchasing

There are pros and cons of each strategy and many construction companies choose to rent their facilities. Here are some of the benefits of rental units:

 * Convenience – it is much easier to rent toilets. You only need to contact a company providing portable toilet rentals in Wharton. They will take care of all the arrangements and your units will be delivered on site. If the units need maintaining or dumping, your rental service is there to take care of these issues for you. In other words, this is one less problem you need to deal with.

 * Maintenance – when you rent, you are not responsible for upkeep and maintenance. This is an important consideration, because if you own your units, you are responsible for them and you must make sure they are dumped when needed.

 * Emergency use – you might be working at a site which has public bathroom facilities. However, what happens if the plumbing system is suddenly unavailable? Many cities require the use of portable facilities if plumbing is not available for a three-day period or longer. It’s much easier to call for portable toilet rentals in Wharton. They will be delivered to the site on short notice and this will solve the problem.


When you buy your own portable toilets you control your costs. However, they also come with the added responsibility of upkeep and maintenance. Plus, you’ll need to transport them from one job site to another. Because it can involve a lot of time, work and expense, portable toilet rentals in Wharton may be the best strategy for your business.

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