Should You Provide FRC For Your Employees? In Many Cases, It’s Not Optional

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If your company employs people who are at risk of encountering electrical arcs or flames while on the job, it is important to make sure that they are well protected. Flame resistant coveralls and other protective gear is necessary, even if your company hasn’t had an accident on the job in a long time. Regardless of your company’s track record when it comes to safety, offering the maximum protection available to your workers will benefit everyone involved.


There is nothing more discouraging than knowing the company that you are working for doesn’t value your personal safety. Providing appropriate protective gear to your workers will boost morale in the work force by showing them you are committed to their protection.


Flame resistant coveralls are rated based on their ability to self-extinguish. While they are not fire proof, the protection they offer could still be the difference between life and death when an accident occurs.

OSHA Regulations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations apply to many industries and require the use of protective gear, such as flame-resistant coveralls. Failure to comply to these regulations can be costly in both the financial aspect, and in your company’s reputation.  One company in particular paid more than $2 million for a single burn injury in an employee that wasn’t wearing the proper protective clothing, and that employee never returned to work.

On the flip side, once they had implemented the use of fire-resistant clothing, a similar injury only cost them $50,000, and the injured employee was able to return to work with minimal recovery time.

In addition to the cost of employee injury, OSHA can implement fines for noncompliance. Litigation is also a possible risk of non-compliance.

Why Cotton Doesn’t Work

All flame-resistant materials on the market today are synthetically altered in order to provide protection, whether it is inherent in the materials used, or treated with a chemical solution after. There are no natural fibers currently available that provide the same protection.

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