Services Offered By Long Distance Movers In Louisville

by | Feb 1, 2017 | Moving

Moving out of the state or across the country takes planning, coordination and a lot of work. Sometimes it is difficult to try to do everything on your own, which is where top moving companies in Louisville can be a very big advantage.

Every one of the long distance movers will offer different services, with many offering just the basics. If you are planning a true do-it-yourself move, then this may be all you need. However, if you may require additional services, shopping around and finding the movers that offer everything you require will be a simple way to make your move a lot easier.

Packing Services

A very popular option is to hire a packing crew from the long distance movers to pack some or all of the contents of your home. This is ideal for the busy family or professional as everything will be carefully wrapped, padded and packed for a safe journey.
Packing services will save hours and days of work for most homes. In addition to packing, everything will be inventoried and labeled, making unpacking at your new location very easy.


Despite the best plans, there may be a need to use storage facilities at your destination. New home construction may be delayed, the house may not be vacated or any number of other issues can cause you to have to use storage.

National long distance movers will have storage facilities they manage across the country. This allows them to place your items in secure, protected storage facilities that are maintained by the movers. These facilities should offer fire suppression systems, alarms and individual secure vaults to hold your items. This is much safer and much less stressful than trying to find a storage facility when you are moving from Louisville and in a new town or city.

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