Seeking Care from a Reputable EMDR Certified Therapist in Irvine, CA

Trauma from past abuse and neglect can be challenging to overcome and forget on your own. In fact, it might impact every aspect of your life and cause you to suffer debilitating mental health issues like depression and panic attacks.

Even more, conventional talk therapy and medication might do little to ease your mental distress. Instead, you may benefit more from enlisting the services of a mental health professional like an EMDR certified therapist in Irvine, CA.


When you undergo this type of therapy, you may learn to objectify your past trauma and prevent it from negatively impacting your mental health. You can learn to view it factually and take away the emotion you feel when you think about it. You learn to channel your emotions and thoughts elsewhere when you contemplate the trauma you endured as a child or young adult.

This objectivity can be vital for helping you get relief from mental health challenges like depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. You learn to take away the power your traumatic memories have over you and your daily life. You learn to function better and get through a typical day without giving into your mental health triggers.

You can find out more about the services an EMDR certified therapist in Irvine, CA can offer you online. Reach out to Revelation Counseling to get more information today.

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