Seeking a Dependable Attorney Near Orange County, CA for Dependency Cases

by | Oct 11, 2023 | Lawyers and Law Firms

If you find yourself in the horrifying situation of having to face a dependency hearing because social services have lodged a claim of child abuse against you, you need an attorney who specializes in this field. You require a law firm with excellent dependency attorneys in Orange County, CA.

Legal proceedings in this domain are exceptionally serious. Individuals summoned to a dependency hearing may potentially lose custody of their children, leading Child Protective Services to place them in the state’s foster system.

Accusations of child abuse can sometimes be incorrect, often stemming from misunderstandings or incorrect interpretations of situations by individuals such as teachers and other authority figures. This is precisely why anyone in this situation requires dependency attorneys in Orange County, CA.

A dependency attorney should elucidate the entire process to you and outline the steps you will be facing. They need to exhibit compassion and be prepared and capable of advocating for your parental rights before you are at risk of losing custody.

In the state of California, there will be an initial hearing to determine whether the child should be removed from your home. Under the statute, a child can be declared dependent on the court and removed from your care. Social Services typically conduct an investigation to ascertain the facts of the case and whether your child was harmed by you, either accidentally or intentionally.

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