Round Aluminum Tubing: Not A Pipe

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Aluminum Supplier

Aluminum is one of the most versatile metals. Pure, but more commonly as an alloy, it is produced using a variety of production techniques. The most common ones are:

 * Extrusion – among the most common of all production methods
 * Die casting
 * Rolling
 * Sand casting

The results of such methods increase the diversity of products.  Among the many objects produced are pipes and round aluminum tubing.

Are Aluminum Pipes Different from Tubes?

While some in the aluminum manufacturing business blur the lines between aluminum pipes and tubing (or tubes), others do not. They look at pipes as being “passageways.” Pipes carry things such as gas, oil and other fluids.

Tubing or a tube is not a passageway. It is a structural device. It is a component of many structures. You can build with tubing.

A distinct difference involves the method of measurement. If you look at the measurements given for a pipe, you will see those provided pertain to the interior diameter (ID). However, the measurements of a piece of round aluminum tubing are obviously of the outer diameter (OD).

This separates the two types. Yet, they also have many of the same qualities. Aluminum pipes and tubes are both:

 * Corrosion resistant
 * Aesthetically pleasing
 * Sleek in design
 * Lightweight but durable i.e. the ratio of strength to weight is good
 * High weldability – although the degree will depend on the specific alloy

These qualities are all common to most aluminum products.

What Are the Uses of Round Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Tubing?

Aluminum and aluminum alloy tubing have many uses in the industrial and commercial world. The list is extensive and embraces everything from the aerospace industry to truck racks. Speaking generally, without referring to specific types of tubing e.g. 6061, 6063 and 2024, this type of tubing finds its use as a component in the following structural items:

 * Brackets
 * Frames – including bike frames and those for trailers frames and
 * Machine parts
 * Truck and marine components
 * Marine fittings
 * Electrical fittings and connectors
 * Railings
 * Trims
 * Truck racks

Each aluminum and alloy combination comes with specifications that will determine what functions it will best serve.

Round Aluminum Tubing

Aluminum is an excellent choice for the fabrication of many items used in construction and manufacturing. A durable but light material, it is resistant to corrosion and has weldability. With such properties available for a relatively low cost per unit, the future for producing such things as round aluminum tubing remains very bright indeed.

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