Rheumatoid Arthritis and Podiatry Care

Your feet take you everywhere, but if you are experiencing the pain of rheumatoid arthritis or RA in your feet and ankles, your activity and mobility may be extremely restricted. At least 90 percent of people with RA experience the first signs and symptoms of pain and swelling in their feet. If your mobility seems to be restricted with pain, and you suspect you may be experiencing arthritis, learn more about RA from the Foot Doctors Kenosha WI to get you back on your feet.

Report Foot and Ankle Pain

If you are experiencing pain on ambulation in the feet and ankles, notify your physician and be tested for arthritis. Often, a family physician refers patients to foot doctors, or podiatrists who work as invaluable members of the professional medical team and specialize in the management of pain, the treatment of conditions and the prevention of further foot and ankle deformities. Podiatrists manage, assess and treat arthritis in the lower legs and feet by:

* Applying splints and insoles to strengthen ankles and increase mobility

* Preventing pressure points and providing well-fitting orthotics

* Treating soreness, flare-ups and pain

* Diagnose disease and prevent further deformities

* The removal of calluses, corns and ingrown toenails

What are the Symptoms of Arthritis in the Feet and Ankles?

Arthritis attacks the joints and each foot has over 30 of them in total. RA damages the soft tissue and joint capsules that cushion the feet and ankles when you walk. Overtime, these weight bearing joints become unsupported and walking becomes painful and sore. Flare-ups may occur periodically and cause the sufferer to be immobile for long periods of time and result in muscle wasting or loss. Staying active and in motion will help you keep your busy lifestyle and commitments to social activities.

Foot Doctors Kenosha WI

Foot doctors can apply and manage their expertise to keep you active, minimize pain and manage your arthritis symptoms. Always report the following symptoms:

* Soreness and tenderness of the feet or ankles

* Swelling and redness of the joints in the lower extremities

* Inability to bear weight, walk or move on your feet

* Stiffness of the joints in the lower legs and feet

Podiatrists provide an invaluable expertise to the person with RA that may help them to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

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