Reviewing Proceedings with a Child Adoption Lawyer in Henderson, NV

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In Nevada, adoption proceedings help individuals become parents when natural means aren’t possible. The proceedings help them adopt children of any age after their application is approved. A child adoption lawyer in Henderson, NV helps prospective parents complete the adoption process.

Guidelines for Consent

When placing a child up for adoption, the biological parents must provide their legal consent. The parents consent to adoption seventy-two hours after the child’s birth. The consent form is signed in front of two witnesses, and the form is sent to the Child Welfare Department. If the parents aren’t married, the father must provide his legal consent for the adoption, too. However, if the father has terminated his legal rights, his consent isn’t required for the adoption.

What Happens When Adopting Through an Adoption Agency?

The agency manages the entire adoption and schedules meet and greets for parents who are approved for adoption. A caseworker is assigned to each applicant and conducts an interview with the parents. A home study is conducted to determine if the living environment is suitable for a child. Criminal background checks are also conducted as well as income assessments. After approval, the applicant attends an adoption hearing.

What Is Expected When Adopting a Newborn?

Certain arrangements are set up when parents are adopting a newborn. A typical arrangement includes payment for all prenatal and maternity care. The adoptive parents take custody of the infant after they are released by the doctor, and the birth certificate is completed by the adoptive parents.

What Happens When Parental Rights Are Terminated by the Court?

After the court terminates the parental rights, the child becomes a ward of the state and is sent to an orphanage or foster care. Once parental rights are terminated, any parent who wishes to adopt the child must petition the court to start the process.

In Nevada, adoption is a viable solution for couples who cannot conceive a child on their own. The process involves a home study and interview with a caseworker. The couple provides information about their lives and income. The caseworker visits their home and determines if they are approved for adoption. Couples who want to start the proceedings now should contact a child adoption lawyer in Henderson, NV by visiting website right now.

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