Reviewing Parental Rights And Obligations With A Child Support Lawyer In DuPage County

by | May 8, 2024 | Lawyers

In Illinois, the courts make decisions about child custody during a hearing after the divorce is finalized. The court chooses the parent that provides the most appropriate living environment for the child. They must present zero risks to the child and encourage a healthy relationship with the other parent. The next step is to decide the total value of the child support payments. A Child Support Lawyer in DuPage County helps them with these challenges.

Reviewing the Income of the Parents

The income level of each parent determines the portion required for supporting the child. The court reviews the monthly obligations of the parents and identify what value remains. The point is to determine how much more the custodial parent needs to support the child adequately. If the couple has more than one child, the court will calculate the total value needed for all children.

The Child’s Standard of Living

The child should acquire the same standard of living they had during the marriage after the divorce. This is why the court evaluates these opportunities thoroughly. If the custodial parent’s income level cannot achieve these aspirations, the court increases the child support payment. The child support payment should provide the parent with the income level to achieve this living standard.

When the Child has Challenging Medical Requirements

When the child has challenging medical requirements, the court evaluates the custodial parent’s income to accommodate these requirements. They will determine what value is needed by the non-custodial parent to ensure that the child receives these treatments or medication. The court could increase the child support payment to reflect these medical requirements. A child support lawyer in DuPage County helps parents calculate these financial requirements. Browse here to know more.

Tuition Requirements for School

The child support payments may include the balance required for tuition payments for school. If the child attended a private school during the marriage, the non-custodial parent must provide assistance with these expenses. The court may choose to include these requirements in the child support payments.

In Illinois, the courts assist couples in determining child custody and support requirements. The court evaluates the couple’s income to determine where adjustments are needed to ensure that child is supported adequately. Parents who need assistance with these arrangements should hire a child support lawyer by contacting Keller Legal Services in DuPage County today.

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