Reviewing Auto Insurance In Kyle, TX

by | Feb 19, 2018 | Insurance

In Texas, auto insurance provides coverage based on the type of policy the owner selects. Auto liability is minimum coverage level, and comprehensive is the highest. Auto owners who have an existing auto loan purchase comprehensive and collision for the best coverage option. A local insurance agent provides information about Auto Insurance in Kyle TX.

What All Drivers Must Have

The absolute minimum coverage level is auto liability insurance. A standard auto liability policy pays $30,000 when one person is injured. It pays $60,000 when more than one person is injured. The minimum for property damage is $25,000.

What are Additional Services Drivers Add to Their Policy?

  • Towing and labor services are added to provide roadside assistance for the policyholder. The driver has the option to call a towing service if a breakdown happens. Labor coverage provides payments for any minor repairs completed such as tire changes or a jump start. Battery replacement is also included.
  • Rental car coverage pays the full cost of a rental car while the owner’s vehicle is in the shop. The service is provided when the owner experiences a total loss and must purchase a new automobile.
  • Stereo and audio system coverage offers funds to replace any stereo equipment is stolen or damaged. The policies provide coverage for the stereo and speakers as well as CDs, handheld devices, and high-end audio equipment.

Managing Costs and Receiving Discounts

The policyholder increases their deductible to lower the cost of their premiums. Drivers who maintain safe driving records pay lower rates, too. Teen drivers with high scholastic achievements are offered discounts. The policyholder receives discounts by adding more than one automobile to the policy, too.

What is Personal Injury Protection?

The policy provides coverage for all medical expenses related to the accident. Injured policyholders receive around eighty percent of their wages if they are unable to work. The standard coverage value is $2,500.

In Texas, the state requires all auto owners to purchase no less than auto liability insurance. The policies offer payments when the policyholder is at fault in an accident. Vehicle owners who need Auto Insurance in Kyle TX contact Perdue Insurance Group right now.

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