Removing Minor Scratches From Storefront Glass

by | Nov 7, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

If a wooden sign was displayed across Storefront Glass and after removing it, some minor scratches remain, signs of damage can be reversed by completing the steps that are listed below. Once the glass has been restored to its original state, vinyl decals can be displayed across it as a substitute for standard signs in order to advertise an upcoming sale without needing to worry about additional damage occurring.


* mild detergent

* water

* spray bottle

* glass cleaning agent

* lint-free cleaning cloths

* glass polish

* buffing pad

* cerium oxide

Removing Stains And Streaks From Glass

A homemade cleanser can be made to clean Storefront Glass by filling a spray bottle almost to the top with water and adding a few drops of mild detergent to it. Once a cleaning agent has been applied to glass, a lint-free cloth can be used to wipe off the areas that have been treated. A standard glass cleaning agent can also be used to eliminate most substances from glass. Once a piece of glass is clean, either cleaning agent can be eliminated with a fresh cloth that has been dampened with water.

Treating Scratches In Glass

Glass polish or cerium oxide can be poured onto a buffing pad before being applied to scratches. Either product needs to be rubbed into glass for a few minute in order to lighten scratches. More polish or cerium oxide may need to be applied to a cloth if scratches are deep and do not respond well to an initial treatment. Once scratches have been removed, polish or cerium oxide can be removed from a glass surface with a dry, clean cloth.

Maintaining Glass

Damage to glass can be avoided by not placing any sharp or rough surface across a storefront. Instead, customized signage can be added that is made out of a flexible material, such as vinyl. Vinyl decals will adhere to glass surfaces and can be removed without needing to tug on them or use additional tools. As a result, a storefront will continue to provide a business with a professional and attractive appearance. For any severe damage to glass, Layne Glass Services or a similar business can be contacted for assistance. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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