Recognizing Warning Signs That Indicate The Need For Hazardous Tree Removal.

by | Feb 9, 2024 | Business

Trees provide both environmental and aesthetic benefits to our lawns. However, there comes a time when potentially dangerous trees should be removed from your property. Diseased trees or trees near electrical wires or other structures may need to be removed for safety reasons. Hazardous tree removal should always be performed by an experienced landscaping company. When you’re looking for hazardous tree removal service in Gig Harbor WA, tree experts can provide the services you need to safely and efficiently remove trees of all sizes and species from your lawn. Here you will find a list of the tell-tale signs of a hazardous tree.

Leaning Trunk

If your tree is gradually moving from a vertical to a leaning position, this change in position could be dangerous to both the health of the tree and to things around it. One sign that the tree is beginning to lean can be seen at the tree’s roots. Look at the ground around the base of the tree to examine if the roots and soil are lifting due to upward pressure.

Weak Branches

Branches can become weak when the tree is unhealthy or when they are damaged due to wind, ice, rain or snow. Lose, weak or broken branches pose a hazard as they can fall on people, vehicles or lawn furniture. In some instances, tree pruning can take care of weak branches if they are caused by the elements. The tree may need to be removed if it poses a threat.

Cracked Bark

While some cracking in bark can be completely normal, caused by age and the elements, cracking and splitting of the wood may also indicate a hazardous situation. Depending on the size and species of tree, cracks may lessen the strength and integrity of the tree. If you are concerned about cracks and splits, consult with an experienced tree service professional.

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