Reasons Why Traditional Garage Doors in Pittsburgh, PA Are More Prevalent Than Carriage Doors

by | Aug 14, 2017 | Garage Doors

Traditional Garage Doors in Pittsburgh PA open by moving a door overhead instead of having two doors that swing out, which is known as the carriage style. Most homeowners choose overhead models for various reasons.

Space Considerations

The carriage door style requires more space. The overhead door essentially disappears into the top of the garage when it’s open, whereas carriage doors open directly onto the driveway. Vehicles usually cannot be parked close to the garage door, which can be a waste of space in driveways where several cars sometimes must be parked. Carriage house doors are usually installed in larger homes with wider, longer driveways or large open areas in front of the garage.

Conflicting With The Home’s Style

Traditional Garage Doors in Pittsburgh PA are available in designs that look like carriage doors, yet open overhead. The stylish illusion is effective and fits well with elegant homes, structures with a farmhouse design, and those that are crafted in any number of historic exterior motifs.

However, most houses are contemporary in appearance, and owners may not feel that the carriage style fits with the home’s exterior. Those doors convey certain impressions that might not be altogether suitable for a relatively modest 20th-century ranch house, for example.

Standing Up to Routine Impact

Another aspect to consider is whether kids in the family have ideas for the garage door that aren’t tied to its primary function. Children and teenagers commonly use that big, flat surface as a place to hit tennis balls and throw other play balls against in a one-person game. Standard, non-decorative overhead doors are more suitable for a surface that will be used this way.

Concluding Thoughts

When it comes to the material for the door, a company such as Citywide Garage Door Co. Inc. can install overhead or other styles in wood, steel, or aluminum. Although many homeowners love the authentic traditional look of wood, they don’t necessarily appreciate the amount of maintenance required. That’s one reason so many people choose metal over wood. In addition, an aluminum garage door is much lighter than wood, which is a consideration if anyone will ever be opening doors without an automatic system.

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