Reasons to Hire Arborists in Elliott City MD

by | Dec 6, 2018 | Tree Services

As families begin moving inside for the winter, they may not think much about their yards beyond planning their spring plantings. However, winter is the right time to think about trees and shrubs. Here are a few reasons to consider calling Arborists in Elliott City MD.


Fast-growing trees are more likely to decay, and because the wood is more brittle, limbs may break off easily in ice and wind. Before winter hits, get those trees trimmed to prevent injury and property damage.


In a more practical sense, hiring an arborist in the fall or winter may be the right thing to do. Just as homeowners have numerous outdoor projects in the spring and summer, so do tree experts. Schedule those services early to ensure availability and a fair price.

Better Tree Health

For most trees, colder is better. Bacteria, fungus, and insects aren’t very active during the winter. Promote trees’ health by pruning them to remove dying or dead branches that have been harmed by people, storms, insects, animals, and disease.

Increased Visibility

Insufficient leaf cover and frigid temps make winter the right time for tree maintenance. Homeowners and arborists in Elliott City MD will have an easier time evaluating trees’ structure and spotting problems before they become major.

Time Between Growth Seasons

Winter is a great time to trim trees because of the break in the growth cycle. Most plants are dormant during the winter, which means fresh cuts are only exposed for a short time. Spring is just around the corner, and that new growth will seal those wounds.

Easier Access

In colder climates, the weather may make it easier to get to those problem areas. If the ground freezes, the arborist can reach previously inaccessible areas and use equipment in ways that would have been impossible before.

Before Getting Started

Prior to the beginning of the job, ask the tree expert whether they’re certified. Ideally, homeowners should choose arborists who belong to one or more professional associations. Don’t hire a door-to-door tree service unless its qualifications can be verified. The best tree services are booked in advance; they don’t canvass neighborhoods to find work. Click here for more details or call today to schedule service.

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