Questions To Ask When Hiring Motivational Speakers in Chicago

by | Jul 4, 2016 | Business

Finding the right motivational speaker can be the difference between a presentation your audience speaks of long after it’s over, and one that bores them to tears. Your speaker will set the tone for the remainder of the event, which makes choosing the right speaker an incredibly important decision to make. After all, you want to inform as well as entertain, and it can be tricky to find a speaker capable of both tasks. To help make this decision a bit easier, here is a list of a few questions to ask when hiring a motivational speaker in Chicago.

How Much Experience Do You Have With This Industry?

While hiring a motivational speaker who can entertain, engage, and inform is your top priority, you also want to be sure that the material presented is relevant to your industry. While the speaker doesn’t need to be an expert, he or she does need to have experience presenting to your specific industry. A familiarity with the unique challenges you face along with the benefits being in your industry provide will help the speaker give a talk that is memorable.

Can You Customize Your Materials For My Specific Audience?

While this might seem incredibly important, typically speaking only minor adjustments to the presentation or materials are required depending on your audience. This will help engage your specific audience and helps them feel as though the presentation is geared towards them and their interests.

How Much Pre-Presentation Research Do You Do?

While you shouldn’t expect your speaker to spend months researching your company or industry, you should expect that a little research will be done in order to ensure that the presentation given is relevant to your crowd. If the speaker doesn’t have a lot of experience with your industry, you should expect him or her to interview key members of your organization or ask for industry material in order to give the best presentation possible.

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