Protecting Residential Properties With Termite Control In Tulsa, OK

by | Aug 27, 2015 | Pest Control Service

In Oklahoma, termites are a leading cause of property damage. These insects utilize the wood used to construct the property as a food source. As they penetrate through the foundation, they find their way into the walls. It is at this point that severe property damage is most probable. This is why Termite Control in Tulsa OK is fundamental.

Inspecting the Property

Termite extermination teams inspect the foundation and crawlspaces first. These are the areas in which they find termites most often. However, if the property owner saw the insects around porch lights, the termites are inside their walls. This requires the exterminators to drill into the walls to evaluate the damage.

Termites live inside colonies underneath the home. These colonies look like sand-based tunnels. The termites travel through these colonies to reach food sources. They position the colonies near food sources and water.

Eliminating the Colonies

Exterminators kill off the colonies by placing barriers between them and food sources. This causes the termites to die of starvation. The exterminators use pesticides to kill all visible termites. If the walls contain these insects the exterminators introduce the chemicals into these areas directly.

Adding a Layer of Protections

The exterminators identify all entry points by evaluating the property thoroughly. They use barriers to stop termites from entering the walls and additional interior areas. They instruct the homeowner to acquire damage repairs when necessary and identify all areas that sustained damage. The homeowner reviews their homeowner’s policy to determine if coverage is available.

Reviewing the Benefits of a Termite Control Service Plan

A termite control service plan provides the homeowner with an annual treatment and evaluation. Select pest control companies afford the homeowners with additional treatments if termites infestations are severe. These plans provide the homeowners with savings on these treatments.

Termite Control in Tulsa OK is paramount when protecting a residential property. The exterminators understand how termites acquire food sources and how to block access to these areas. They are aware of the most common areas in which termites travel. The primary focus of these services is to prevent the insects from destroying the property. To learn more about these opportunities, visit or their Pinterest account for further details.

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