Protect Yourself with a Domestic Violence Attorney

One of the most frightening aspects of domestic violence is the feeling that you are trapped in your position and have no one to turn to for support or help out of it. The truth of the matter is that you are never alone so long as there is a domestic violence attorney in San Antonio available to help you work through the process of filing for divorce, restraining orders, and also filing charges of domestic violence against your partner. There are many signs of abuse that you may not even truly notice and knowing such signs may help you to get out of a toxic relationship before you find yourself filing for an emergency restraining order.


Men and women are prone to jealousy over the people and objects that they hold dear because they fear losing them to another person, which is not necessarily a problem in and of itself. That said, severe jealousy, jealousy over situations that are clearly innocent, and other actions such as obsessive calls, constant demands for updates, dictating who you see and interact with, and more are clear signs of abuse. You are not to be put in a case and forced to stay at arm’s length from society and a domestic violence attorney in San Antonio will help you to regain your freedom.


It is important to know that men and women are both capable of being the abuser and you are not weak or somehow responsible for his or her actions if you allow abuse to go on even after you discover it for what it is: a need for control. That said, you deserve to feel safe in your own private world and should never feel as if you cannot speak or act the way you want without breaking some sort of unreasonable rule set forth for you to follow. If you feel you are trapped in an abusive and dangerous situation, contact Law Office of Jesse Hernandez. Visit their website for more information!

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