Protect Your Rights By Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in Port Orchard Wa

by | Jul 13, 2016 | Law Services

The divorce process in Washington State is fairly straightforward but the state does have its own unique laws regarding legally ending a marriage. Because most people are not aware of the laws, it is important they seek the help of a Divorce Lawyer in Port Orchard Wa so they can ensure their rights are protected as they work to pursue the end of their marriage and properly settle all of the details. A lawyer can make the process much easier for a person to go through.

There are four forms that must first be filled out before the process can begin:

 * The petition for dissolusionment of marriage lists the petitioner’s preferences for dissolving the marriage and settling property splits. Because the state of Washington is a no fault state, this means the only grounds for divorce is irretrievable breakdown.

 * A summons must be filed so the other party in the marriage can be informed the petition has been filed in court. The summons must be served on the party and they must be given a period of time to respond to the proposed petition. The other spouse is considered the respondent. Once the court has verified the respondent has been served, the divorce process can continue.

 * The confidential information form is vital for allowing the lawyer to have access to confidential information that may be pertinent to the divorce. Without this form, the lawyer will not be able to pull any personal records that may be required as evidence if the divorce is contested.

 * The vital statistics form is required in the state of Washington so the Department of Health Statistics can keep up with the divorce rate in the state. A Divorce Lawyer in Port Orchard Wa can help a person ensure the form is properly filled out and filed.

If you are dealing with the end of your marriage and would like legal assistance with the process, contact a divorce lawyer right away. There is no reason to go through a divorce without legal help because the process does not always go smoothly. Call today and ask for a consultation appointment so you can get started on ending your marriage.

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