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by | Nov 16, 2011 | Physical Therapy

Women always want to look beautiful. In fact, they want to look even more prettier that they are at present. They want their skin to look ravishing and glowing always. To get the skin they desire they try a lot of things. This constant change from product to product causes their skin to get damaged. It is very difficult to maintain your skin in this new environment. Women face a lot of skin problems. There are many product that are available in the market. The one problem that is a nightmare for them is acne. Women face acne problems. Acne can be disastrous if not treated on time. The good news here is that there are many things one can do to prevent it from coming. Here are a few procedures and therapies to avoid acne.

In blue light therapy the acne is treated by exposure to a blue light of a low intensity which helps to clear P. acnes and other bacteria causing such acne. The benefits of such therapy is that it is pain-free and has mild after effects like temporary redness or dry skin. Another similar procedure and therapy is Heat Energy and Pulsed Light therapy. Here, pulsed heat and light energy also cure the skin of those disastrous acnes and bacteria by using heat energy and pulsed light. This treatment also shrinks the glands to reduce oil production as it has been linked to the development of acne in the past. WOW!! Another procedure and therapy is the combination of prescription, light and laser therapies. This is known as the photodynamic therapy. However, it has severe side-effects when compared to the above therapies.

Other procedures and therapies include resurfacing and dermal fillers which have a proper cost and will not create a hole in your wallet too.



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