Pro Tips: How to Prepare for AC Installation in Indian Land, SC

by | Feb 20, 2024 | HVAC Contractor

A new air conditioning system can help you cool your home more efficiently and save you money on your energy bills. After you’ve selected your new system, the next step is the installation process. Here are some tips to help you prepare for AC installation in Indian Land, SC.

Make Room for the Installers

Your AC installers need room to work. They need a clear path from their truck to where the new air conditioning unit is being installed. If you have furniture storage items or anything else in the way, move these items to a different location before the installers arrive at your home. Not only does this preparation make it easier for your installers to do their jobs, but it also ensures your new system isn’t damaged during the installation process.

Schedule Your Day Around the Install

Air conditioning installation takes time. Most installation jobs take anywhere from four to eight hours to complete. During this time, your installers might have questions, and you must be available to answer those questions. Your installers might also need to leave the house to get more materials. Therefore, it’s important you’re home the entire scheduled installation time.

Keep Pets Out of the Way

Animals are curious creatures, and they like to see what’s going on when there are strangers in the home. Do your pets a favor and keep them safe by keeping them out of the installer’s way.

To schedule AC installation in Indian Land, SC, contact the Comfort Zone of the Carolinas.

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