Premium Powder Coating: Trends In A Growing Market

by | Nov 23, 2017 | Business

Powder coatings are not new. They have been on the market for more than five decades. The market share for this product continues to grow. Some experts state the market share for such products as premium powder coating will be close to $14 billion by 2022. This pattern will embrace not only large global companies but also local United States markets in places such as Grand Rapids MI.


With the coating industry under heavy regulations worldwide, companies have turned to technology. The result is the adoption of low solvent and solventless technologies to meet requirements. This trend towards environmentally friendly coatings will continue. In fact, it has and will prove to be beneficial as the movement towards a reduced industrial environmental footprint continues.

The improvement in coating technology also addresses various industrial issues. Increasingly, the automotive industry is relying on the application of a premium powder coating to provide their components/products with two essential qualities – protection and attractiveness. Whether such products are in place in electric, solar or fossil fuel vehicles is irrelevant. Powder coatings can and do reduce the ability of corrosion to destroy the vehicle’s longevity and appearance.

In architecture and construction, demand remains high for powder coatings. Such coverings protect and decorate the surfaces of components in buildings of all types. Product finishes also provide the same qualities to various industrial products. Inside and out, homes, factories, and apartments are all witnesses to the capabilities of powder coatings to preserve and decorate. This market, according to pros in Grand Rapids is certain to grow – locally, nationally and globally.

Premium Powder Coating

Powder coatings increase the life of components and products. Without the application of a powder coating, many items might not even make it to market. Going forward, producers as far apart as Grand Rapids MI and in Zhejiang, China will continue to provide industries of all types with a premium powder coating that successfully combines protective and aesthetic qualities.

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