Poster Printing: Think Target Market

by | Jan 3, 2017 | Printing

If you have an idea for a poster, and plan to run it off, think first about your target market. If it is a first run of your own artwork, poster printing may be a simple act to please friends and family. However, if your goal is more expansive and the Chicago market quite specific, you need to look at several factors that will affect the printing.

Two Basic Classifications

Essentially, whether you are planning a poster printing for a special event or an artistic statement, you can look at posters as falling into one of two very basic categories. According to the intended location, posters may be:

1. Indoors: If the poster is to hang somewhere indoors, consider where you plan to place it. If on a community or classroom noticeboard, how much space will it have? This will affect such things as the size of the poster as well as the color scheme and design you choose.

If your intent is to use the poster at a special event such as a fair or trade show, you may want a larger size and more distinctive pattern. Consider the context of the poster. Look at its setting as well as verbal and non-verbal content. Make sure it performs as an integral component of the overall promotional material of your booth.

2. Outdoors: In an outdoor setting, assess such things as color scheme, design and text as well as size. If the print is too small, it may not catch the eye of anyone walking by; if the poster is too large, it may conceal the contents of the shop window. A poster that size, however, may catch the eye of riders on Chicago buses or drivers in vehicles.

Poster Printing

When it comes to posters, consider its context. Look at its proposed function and location. Do this before arranging for the poster printing company to run off any copy.

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